Amazon illegally repurposes images, settles with creator's estate

Amazon illegally repurposes images, settles with creator's estate

When creating promotional material for U.S. theatrical release of Amazon Studios produced, Suspiria, the streaming platform appeared to heavily "borrow" inspiration from Cuban-American artist, Ana Mendieta. Whilst Amazon did settle with the estate managing Mendieta's copyright, it's the producer's responsibility to conduct such research ahead of time. As tech giants take over the role of content creators, a question of implied power and influence comes into play when involving original works. 

Interestingly enough, Amazon had to cut the disputed images from the final version of the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Additionally, the director, Luca Guadagnino confirmed Mendieta's influence. "Guadagnino had said in press interviews that his imagery for the film was influenced by the radical feminist art of the 1970s, of which Mendieta's work is a part...Mendieta, who created stark and often violent imagery, frequently using her own body as the subject, is considered one of the pivotal feminist artists of the ‘70s and ‘80s."

Galerie Lelong & Co, which manages the estate, flagged the violation after seeing previews in June. They also explained their usual process in Variety, “The Estate oversees and implements a stringent rights and reproductions policy,” the gallery said. “All requests to reproduce images of her work are submitted to the Estate for approval. In general, image permissions are only granted for art historical contexts such as academic journal articles and informational articles directly related to the artist’s work and practice. Permissions are not granted for commercial reproductions. Barbara Hoffman, the Estate’s legal counsel, stated that it is unfortunate that the director, Luca Guadagnino, purports to pay homage to women artists of the 70s, yet Amazon has forced the Estate to bring a lawsuit to redress the damage suffered from the continuing usages of Mendieta’s iconic images in connection with 'Suspiria.'"

It also appears Amazon made the process more difficult, reducing the film's artistic potential. 





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