Jaws & American Psycho Now on Netflix (UK + Ireland)

Jaws & American Psycho Now on Netflix (UK + Ireland)

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If you're seeking more TV & film titles to binge watch on Netflix, they're now offering iconic movies like Jaws & American Psycho alongside original documentaries and films - including 6 Balloons, Dude, Candy Jar, and Mercury 13. For those more inclined to watch a series, Netflix is keeping fans updated on Suits (Season Seven, Part Two), RuPaul's Drag Race (Season Ten), Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (Season Three), and Riverdale (Season Two). Glamour UK has the full rundown of what's in store for April. Glamour's list also mentions previously launched titles like the "original" 80's soap, Dynasty - as a gentle reminder to fill up that Netflix queue. The Verdict also claims Monty Python content should appear in April. 

In case you missed Netflix's offerings for March, the full list can be found here. Some top picks are Milk, Carrie, and Annihilation. Here's a synopsis of the dystopian sci-fi thriller. "The film’s central character is Natalie Portman’s Lena, a biologist. When her husband returns from investigating an environmental disaster zone in a bad condition, she is persuaded to go in an investigate the area. She and the rest of her team (including Tessa Thompson and Jennifer Jason Leigh) discover a world where various animals are mutating together." (The Verdict

All of this new content is part of Netflix's aggressive plan to have over 700 original shows and movies available by the end of 2018. TechCrunch reported on this user acquisition strategy and questioned the quality of Netflix's new original programming. As suspected, the volume may be increasing, but that doesn't mean it will all be good. "You do start to wonder about how quality can be maintained when you’re aiming for that much original programming in that span of time. The answer, though, might actually be that quality isn’t really as important a factor as you might expect." (TechCrunch)

Stay tuned to the CUES blog for regularly updated lists and our eventual app launch which is bound to help you sift through heaps of content. 


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