Independent Film, American Animals, Receives Surprising Boost from Moviepass

Independent Film, American Animals, Receives Surprising Boost from Moviepass

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Moviepass in the United States became popular for introducing a disruptive business model to the theatrical / physical film world - monthly subscriptions which provide access to most cinemas across the country. This created customer loyalty to Moviepass, rather than individual cinemas, and built a large fanbase for the app. Of course, breaking a traditional business model with seemingly unlimited access to films, created a lot of roadblocks for Moviepass. However, its loyal users proved useful for a recent marketing push with The Orchard's 'American Animals.'

After premiering at Sundance, The Orchard decided to acquire ‘American Animals’ for 3 million USD (with the help of Moviepass Ventures) and partner with Moviepass on a unique campaign, tapping into the app’s core audience. ‘American Animals’ went on to dominate the independent box office and proved to be a surprising success across multiple metrics.

“The secret sauce that helped The Orchard reach an opening PTA double their previous best (“Hunt for the Wilderpeople”) is their partnership with embattled MoviePass. The two companies combined to pick up the film at Sundance. The app then utilized its resources to publicize the film to its subscribers, and the result paid off with a result much bigger than the film was expected to deliver.” - Indiewire

“Releasing in Los Angeles and New York, the film made $140,633, earning a per screen average of $35,158. That ranks in the top 10 highest per screen averages of 2018 and is the best average ever for an Orchard release.” – The Wrap

This strategy with The Orchard falls in line with Moviepass’ new direction to get into the independent movie market. Moviepass also announced at Sundance that it would start partnering directly with distributors to co-release independent movies and directly market films to its current subscriber base. Moviepass proves that with the right data, analytics, and userbase, there’s a large market for independent content.

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